Welcome to Ross Township
A great place to work and live
Enjoy our many parks!

Welcome to Ross Township! 

Banner Community, Platinum Certified Sustainable Community, and Live Well Allegheny Community

Ross Township is a commercial center and residential community, located in the North Hills, just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Our School District is one of the best in the state. Ross is a great place to call home. Ross Township strives to support the established community fostered in unity, family, and civic pride. While the community strives to provide a high quality of life for all its members, the standards, ideals, and traditions will create a superior educational system and residential living environment.

 November 7 - 11: #SIGNWAR
North Hills Small Buisnesses Raising Money for Our Local Veterans



Please consider donating at one of the many North Hills small businesses that are participating in #SignWar to raise money for Veterans!

Each year Veterans' Day reminds us of our Brave Veterans who fought and sacrificed for our freedom. There is something MORE that we can do for them. Let's raise some money by GOING TO WAR!

This week through November 11th, small business across Ross Township and North Hills are participating in a SIGN WAR to raise money for our local veterans.

Through the week, the businesses have been "roasting" each other on their signs and collecting donation to benefit a local veterans organization, The Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA.

Check out some of the participating businesses, stop in and forego the $5 you would have spent on caffeine today to make a very worthwhile donation! 21st Century Sound & Security, The Consignment Boutique, Fitness Werqs, Flowerama Pittsburgh, Method Spa, Rum Runners Saloon, Sieb's Pub & Restaurant, Studio RAW, Tait Engineering, Inc., Turo Family Chiropractic and others! Have any pics of some of the signage earlier this week? Share your pics with us!