Recycling Update

Waste Management recently sent out a flyer noting that that they will no longer be recycling glass or plastics above #2. However, Ross Township’s current contract with Waste Management still allows for the collection of glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, and cans. Recycling is changing nationally and is evolving to focus more on sustainable material management.  With this change, glass and plastics above #2 will no longer be recycled in the near future because there is no longer a market for these materials. Recycling these products is actually worse for the environment in terms of the carbon footprint it creates. Please refer to this presentation put together by Republic Services regarding the future of recycling.

Recycle Right, Recycle Often

It is pertinent to recycle your materials wisely, therefore, you need to know what to recycle and how to recycle items properly. Please look through the supplied information for your recycling needs. 

Important Recycling Information


An assessment was completed by the Sustainability Coordinator to review the Township’s employees recycling program. It was determined that the Township was not recycling its paper or battery waste. The Sustainability Coordinator ordered green paper recycling receptacles for every department and met with all department heads and employees to review proper disposal of paper products. 

In addition, the Sustainability Coordinator entered into a cooperative agreement with Batteries Plus, a local business, to recycle the Township’s battery waste products.

Drop Off

These recycling practices have been expanded for public drop off. The Township also encourages its employees to recycle paper, batteries, cell phones, and ink cartridges. There are public drop-off containers for the listed materials located at the front of Ross Municipal Building.

Bagging Leaves

The Township will pick up leaf bags starting in April. Please use only brown paper recycling bags. Dry leaves, small twigs, or dead plants are acceptable and should be placed out with your weekly refuse pickup. Tree branches are not to be put in leaf bags. Please contact Ross Township Public Works Department at 412-931-3956 for details on monthly branch pick up.