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1. Where is the Ross Police Station located?
2. Where is the magistrate’s office located?
3. Is The Ross Police Department hiring police officers now?
4. I was involved in an accident and need a copy of the accident report. What do I do?
5. I received a citation. What do I do?
6. I would like to arrange a tour of the police station for my civic group, whom do I call?
7. Every morning cars speed past the bus stop and come dangerously close to the children, what can I do?
8. I found someone’s dog on my property; will the police department come pick it up?
9. I just installed a burglar alarm in my house or business, should I advise the police?
10. I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and I am worried about burglars, what can I do?
11. Does the Ross Township Police Department still provide fingerprint services?
12. Do Ross Police Officers wear body cameras?