Traffic Division

Sergeant Benjamin Dripps
Patrolman Michael P. Thomas
Patrolman Albert Elway
Patrolman David Young
Patrolman Jason Syska
Patrolman Sean Stafiej

 The Traffic Division is staffed by five officers. Patrolmen Michael P. Thomas, David Young, Albert Elway, Jason Syska, and Sean Stafiej are assigned full time to the division and are the officers that traffic violators are most likely to encounter. They utilize three Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as marked, and unmarked patrol cars. The Traffic Division has several duties such as Traffic Law Enforcement, Accident Investigations & Reconstruction, Traffic Studies, Truck Weight Enforcement, and Commercial Vehicle Inspections.

The Police Department receives numerous complaints concerning traffic violations, mainly stop sign and speeding violations throughout the residential neighborhoods of Ross Township. This is a top priority for the Traffic Division as it is one of the most important concerns of the citizens and it provides the Police Department with high visibility in the neighborhoods. Showing the residents that we share their concerns and are willing to take the appropriate action greatly enhances public relations. This is handled in a timely, professional manner on a continuing basis, not just a one time appearance.