Building & Occupancy Permits

pdf Plot Plan Requirements (883 KB)

pdf Temporary Occupancy Permit Application (159 KB)

Zoning Classification Request

Permit Submission Guide

pdf Commercial & Multi-Family Building Permit Submittal Guide (74 KB)

pdf Commercial Building Permit Submittal Guide (514 KB)

pdf Manufactured & Industrialized Housing Building Permit Submittal Guide (84 KB)

pdf Residential Addition Bldg Permit (89 KB)

pdf Sign Permit Submittal Guide (84 KB)

pdf New 1 or 2 Family Dwelling Permit Submittal/Inspection Guide (75 KB)

pdf Single Family Dwelling Submittal Guide (170 KB)

pdf Swimming Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Inspection Procedures (346 KB)

Electrical Permits

pdf Electrical Permit Application (86 KB)

pdf Fire Alarm Permit Application (69 KB)

Mechanical & HVAC Permits

pdf Commercial Cooking Hood Permit Application (94 KB)

pdf Electrical Permit Application (86 KB)

pdf HVAC Permit Application 1 & 2 Family Dwellings (79 KB)

pdf HVAC Permit Application Commercial (80 KB)

Fire Permits

pdf Fire Alarm Permit Application (69 KB)

Fire escrow act PA

pdf Fire Suppression Permit Application (80 KB)

pdf Operational Fire Permit Application (79 KB)

Sign Permits

pdf Electrical Permit Application (86 KB)

Sign Ordinance

pdf Sign Permit Application (78 KB)

pdf Temporary Banners Inflatables Signs Application (79 KB)

pdf Temporary Political Signs Application (64 KB)

Demolition Permits

pdf Demolition Permit Application (151 KB)

Temporary Sealing Permit Application

pdf Utility Clearance Form (114 KB)

Planning Commission

pdf Appeals Board Fire Appeals Board Application (123 KB)

pdf Conditional Use or Rezoning Application (126 KB)

pdf Site Plan Application (165 KB)

pdf Application for Subdivision Approval (167 KB)

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Chapter 22

Zoning Hearing Board

pdf Variance Application Zoning Hearing Board (123 KB)

Variances Requirements

Zoning Ordinance Chapter 27

Sewers & Drainage

pdf Dye Test Certification Application (186 KB) pdf
  (186 KB)
     *Note: Addresses that are located in Ross Township; however, are serviced and billed by The McCandless Township Sanitary Authority (MTSA), for any sale of these       properties, the seller is to have their Dye Test Certification done by MTSA, not Ross Township.  The seller can obtain the Dye Test information from the MTSA website or call the MTSA Dye Test Certification Program at 412-366-2700.  pdf Click here for a full address list. (80 KB)

Ross Township Sewer Tap Application 

Grading & Excavation

Grading & Excavating Ordinance

pdf Grading Agreement (17 KB)

pdf Grading Permit Application (22 KB)


Color Zoning Map

Ward Map

Street map

Street map index

Sanitary Sewer Maps

Storm sewer maps

Other Permits, Licenses & Information

3rd Party Review Agency

pdf Complaint Form (84 KB)

pdf Curb Cut Permit Application (93 KB)

E&S for Residential Developments

pdf Exemption from PA Worker's Compensation Insurance (83 KB)

Fee Schedule

pdf Logging Permit Application (22 KB)

Manufactured Home Code Considerations HUD vs UCC

Manufactured Home Installation Requirements

Manufactured Home On Site Completion Guide

pdf Peddler or Solicitor Application (111 KB)

Plant Material List

pdf PODS & Dumpsters Application (78 KB)

Procedures for accepting plans for review

pdf Residential Addition Building Permit Submittable Guide (89 KB)

Ross Township Standard Details for Public Improvements

Small Project Standardized SWM Requirements

pdf Street Opening Permit Application (113 KB)

Swimming Pool Barriers

Swimming Pool Code- Wiring, Installation, Etc.