The Ross Township Police Department is comprised of the Chief of Police, two Lieutenant, seven Sergeants, three Detectives, and twenty nine Police Officers who provide 24 hour police services covering a land area of 14.4 square miles. Ross Township is comprised of over 31,000 permanent residents; however, due to the robust business district, the population of Ross Township can reach over 200,000 individuals during peak business hours. Due to the dynamic makeup of Ross Township, the Police Department responds to over 20,000 calls for assistance from residents and businesses per year. The Ross Township Police Traffic Division issues over 3,500 citations in order to curb aggressive and careless driving keeping the roadways of Ross Township as safe as possible for residents and visitors. Along with normal patrol duties, the officers and detectives investigate almost 2,000 criminal incidents each year and make over 600 arrests. Officers also respond to over 1,000 motor vehicle accidents each year.

 Chief Of Police - Joe Ley