Contact Information

Douglas Sample
Township Manager

Ross Township
1000 Ross Municipal Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Ph: 412-931-7055 x. 234
Fax: 412-931-7062

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Township Manager

The Township Manager, under the ordinances of Ross Township, is designated as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and is responsible to the Board of Commissioners for the proper administration of the affairs of the Township, the enforcement of the Ordinances and other duties as delegated by the Board of Commissioners.

Responsibilities include:

    -Provides a Manager's Report at each meeting of the Board of Commissioners, giving them such information as may be necessary to enable them to fulfill their duties.

    -Recommends actions to the Board that are appropriate and necessary for administration of Township affairs.

    -Advises the Board of Commissioners of the Township's financial condition and financial needs.

    -Oversees all township departments.

    -Prepares, in conjunction with the Finance Director, proposed budgets for township administration as well as financial statements of each past fiscal year.

    -Secures bids for the letting of contracts in the form prescribed by law.

    -Assumes responsibility for the supervision of the operation, repair and maintenance of all Township property.

    -Performs duties issued by Resolution or Ordinance from the Board of Commissioners.