Free Glass Recycling

The Township has partnered with the Pennsylvania Resources Council to offer free glass recycling to residents. The collection container is located at the Public Works Facility at 225 Cemetery Lane. Residents are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

* Use during daylight hours
* Glass only - all colors accepted
* No plastic bags, paper bags, paper, or cardboard
* Clean/rinse glass before disposal
* Do not leave bags or debris outside the container


This container is available 7 days a week!

Recycling Leaves

Learn about our Leaf Bag Collection Program. The leaves collected during the Spring and Fall are recycled into mulch and offered back to Township residents for FREE!

Recycle Right, Recycle Often

It is pertinent to recycle your materials wisely, therefore, you need to know what to recycle and how to recycle items properly. Please look through the supplied information for your recycling needs. 

Important Recycling Information


An assessment was completed by the Sustainability Coordinator to review the Township’s employees recycling program. It was determined that the Township was not recycling its paper or battery waste. The Sustainability Coordinator ordered green paper recycling receptacles for every department and met with all department heads and employees to review proper disposal of paper products.