When is Halloween (Trick or Treat) celebrated in Ross?

October 31st from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

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1. Who are the utility providers in Ross Township?
2. When is Halloween (Trick or Treat) celebrated in Ross?
3. What is our school district? How do I find out which Elementary School my children will attend?
4. Who is the local Magistrate?
5. Does my dog need a license?
6. How do I dispose of an old television?
7. I can't find my receipt for last year's property taxes. How can I get another receipt?
8. Who do I call when I see an injured animal on a roadway?
9. Who do I call if I see a dead animal on the road?
10. Who do I contact when there is a dead animal in my yard?
11. How do I get a Senior Bus Pass?
12. Do senior citizens still get free leaf bags?
13. Where is the closest senior center?
14. Where do I vote?
15. How do I get a handicapped parking space in front of my house?
16. Does the Township have a 'Do Not Solicit', 'No Solicitation', or 'No Knock' list?
17. How long do you sell discounted Amusement Tickets?
18. When can I pick up leaf bags?
19. Where is the other Ross Township?
20. What is the population of Ross Township?
21. What is the phone number and address for the McKnight Road Post Office?
22. What do I do about skunks, raccoons or other wild animals living under my porch or in my attic?
23. Is hunting permitted in Ross Township?