About Us

A Great Place to Live & Work

Ross Township is a commercial center and residential community, located in the North Hills, just minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh. Ross Township strives to support an established community fostered in unity, family, and civic pride. While the community strives to provide a high quality of life for all its members, the standards, ideals, and traditions will create a superior educational system and residential living environment.


North Hills School District is one of the best in the state. Ross is a great place to call home for your growing family.

Environmentally Friendly

Throughout the workplace, programs, meetings, and events, Ross is consciously aware of the impact of decisions upon the environment. For meetings, we have entirely replaced plastic bottles with glass cups, a more sustainable method and have cut our plastic waste with that action. We arrange programs properly to make use of our facility in the most practical way. Throughout the workplace there are many reminders on why recycling is important and the importance if eating properly with exercise. During events, there is a Sustainable Table with information for residents-- so keep an eye out for it next time you're at one our events!

A Welcome Place

Ross Township is an open and welcoming community, which prides itself in supporting social, cultural, and economic diversity. The Township has a passion for diversity through an annual assessment of municipal boards, employees, volunteers, and committees. Moreover, Ross Township has many unique programs, clubs, and activities specifically to encourage and support the growth and diversification of our neighborhood.

Municipal Profile (PDF)

Personnel Policies & Procedural Manual (PDF)


Ross Township regularly conducts sexual harassment and diversity training with its employees. View the annual report (PDF) on progress in creating a more diverse workforce.

Great Opportunities for Business Growth

Ross Township is a prime location for your business, with major roads such as McKnight Road, Perry Highway and Babcock Boulevard running through the Township.