A Platinum Certified Community!

Ross Township is incredibly proud to have achieved Platinum Certification. We take an integrated approach, addressing the three intertwining facets of sustainability: economy, environment, and society.

Ross will meet the immediate need to provide a standard framework of sustainability goals and validation measures – from recycling rates and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to education quality and public safety. Ross Township limits its use of herbicides and pesticides throughout the municipality. The Township's Public Works' employees complete numerous trainings to ensure the proper and safe application of herbicides and pesticides. Ross Township actively enforces the County's No Spray Zones policy. With clear, consistent, and easily accessible performance measures, we will be able to more easily track our performance over time. In addition, Ross Township continues to actively train and educate its employees in Municipal Sustainability in order to advance its impact on the environment.

Sustainability and integrating new technologies are at the forefront of all Township initiatives. Ross Township is investing in the future through improving its sustainability and technology efforts. Township Sustainability efforts include MS4 permitting, the Township’s recycling program, public transportation, community education and involvement, and future green developments. Sustainability efforts are monitored by Township Administration.

Stormwater Sustainability

Ross Township is very committed to implementing sustainable practices. The Township is charged with the task of measuring and tracking the impacts of the Sustainability Program. Township Officials are constantly communicating and developing plans to ensure compliance. Moreover, a report was given to the Board of Commissioners for their review. Click the link to review the Township's 2016 Stormwater Sustainability Report. The Township Engineer and Township Officials routinely attend Three Rivers Wet Weather Meetings to stay up to date on the latest orders and requirements to ensure compliance. 

Comprehensive Plan

Beginning on page 80 and continuing through page 92, the Ross Township Comprehensive Plan provides analysis and synthesis of future land use concerning public safety, transportation, business, natural resources, and green space. 

The Comprehensive Plan is used to describe a process that identifies community goals and aspirations in terms of sustainable future land use and community development. The outcome of the Sustainable Comprehensive Plan guides public policy in terms of transportation, commerce, land use, recreation, and housing. The Ross Sustainable Plan focuses on a broad range of topics and covers a ten year horizon. Pages 116-139, specifically exemplify these goals and action items.  

Recycling Report

Ross Township also measures and tracks the impacts of our Sustainability Program through an annual Recycling Report. This detailed report provides information on how the Township's recycling program is reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills. 

Free Mulch Program

The Department of Public Works frequently provides free mulch to Township residents after collecting leaves, limbs, and yard waste by running them through the Township Tub Grinder. The Township prides itself on innovative programs like this that exhibit sustainability.

Environmental Advisory Council (EAC)

The Township established an EAC to help identify and analyze environmental problems. The EAC makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on ways to promote and conserve natural resources for the protection and improvement of the environment.

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