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Income & Local Service Tax

Keystone Collections Group collects earned income tax and local service tax.

Real Estate Tax Collection

Matthew Mager is the elected Tax Collector for Ross Township. He has deputized Jordan Tax Service to collect the real estate tax for Ross Township and the North Hills School District. Jordan Tax Service also collects payments for sewage.

** Tax Bill Mailing Date - July 1st, 2023 **

2023 Tax Collection Schedule


Other Taxes

The following information will clarify any confusion there is about what taxes businesses need to pay that are located within the Township. Under Ross Township Ordinance No. 1260 and North Hills School District Resolution 77-17, a tax is imposed on the gross volume of business for the privilege of carrying on or exercising any trade, business, including financial business, profession, vocation, service, construction, rental income, communication or commercial activity or making sales or rendering services conducted in our District. Mercantile & Business Privilege Tax Returns are required to be filed with payment quarterly for this tax.

Keystone Collections Group collects these taxes for the Township. They have outlined for your convenience some important details on taxes you may incur while conducting business in our district. If you are a merchant, you are required to have a current Business License on display at all times on the premises. The License will be mailed to you within 30 days of receipt of your Business Application form and a payment in the appropriate amount for your type of business.

Name of Tax




Mercantile License Fee


$10.00 (Retail or Wholesale)

$20.00 (Retail AND Wholesale)

Mercantile Tax

(requires a license)


.0015 (Retail Gross Sales)

.0010 (Wholesale Gross Sales)

Business Privilege Tax

(no license required)


.0015 (Gross Sales on Services or



Earned Income Tax



All employees regardless of home residence; Employer must withhold % of Gross (State Wages) as required by Act 32

Local Services Tax (LST)



$52.00 per yr. withheld by employer from the employee.

$52.00 divided by # of payrolls per yr. = LST w/h per pay.

If you own and collect rent on a property, Pursuant to Resolution No. 87-14 of the North Hills School District and Act 511 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all owners, lessors, and rental agents of rental property within the North Hills School District shall submit the names and addresses of all persons occupying such property within thirty (30) days of the occupancy. The list shall include all tenants, whether their names appear on the lease or not.

In addition, Act 32 went into effect January 1, 2012. The Allegheny County North Tax Collection Committee (ANTCC) has elected Keystone Collections Group as our tax collector for all employer payroll taxes due commencing January 1, 2012.

If you have any questions regarding these taxes please contact Keystone Collections Group at 724-978-0300.